Our success solely depends on machining and forging of metals. Hence the excellency in product quality depends on the infrastructure. We have 64000 sq. ft. forging facility and 11000 sq. ft. machining facility for better forging and machining. In our state of the art manufacturing facility we have capacity to forge 5000 tonnes of steel forgings annually. Our company is equipped with Belt Drop forging hammers, temperature controller furnaces, in-house die making facilities heat treatment facilities like Isothermal normalized cum hardening tampering furnace, shot blasting etc.

›› Facilities

  • In-house section of Quality Assurance to maintain strict Quality standrad regarding Raw Material and out-going Material as per customer's requirements.
  • Quality Control Cell to maintain Quality at various stages of production.
  • All basic and Necessary Infrastructure like Vernier Callipers, etc. To ensure Quantitative and Qualitative Quality at various stages.

›› Production

  • Drop Forge Hammers (Nos.4) with capacity 1.0 T, 1.25 T, 1.50 T and 2.0 T to forge components with indiviual weight up to 15  Kgs.
  • Fuel Fired Box Type Furnaces (Nos.3) to heat the Material for Hot Working
  • Power Presses to perform the operation of  Trimming
  • Grinders to Grind the Trimmed piece.  
  • Short-blasting Machine (No.1)  to shot blast the component for surface finish.

›› Tool Room & Die Development

  • An independent Tool Room cell.
  • Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

    And other necessary infrastructure for accurate die development.

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